Our Story

Beginning in 2014, Róis Scottish Sea Glass has been creating handmade jewellery made from pieces of sea glass personally hand picked from shores all over the coast of Scotland.

We have now sourced sea glass from over 70 Scottish shores, from Orkney to Kintyre.

Our wonderful team of 4 is made up of Eleanor, Adison, Anna & Róis.

Handmade in Glasgow.

Meet Róis

Hi, I'm Róis, the founder and maker behind Róis Scottish Sea Glass. For me, the vision at the heart of the jewellery has always been the belief that there is nothing too broken to be made beautiful.

One day as I was creating jewellery a phrase popped into my head,

"You're doing what I do".

A bit confused, I asked God, "What is that?..."

"Making treasure out of the broken pieces", He said. 

Since then I have searched Scottish shores for the broken pieces of sea glass knowing that this means much more than making a pretty piece of jewellery. It points to a hope for all of us - that even in our brokenness, we are searched for and found, our rough edges are smoothed, we are not hidden in shame, but called into the wide open place where we are treasured.

I love how each piece of glass is completely unique as they have all had their own journey, and no piece is unscathed and 'perfect'. It reminds me that my wounds and broken places are not barriers to being valued, but can be the most beautiful of places, if only I let the light shine through.